Rory Tahari spent more than 20 years at Elie Tahari, one of only four founder-started fashion brands still in business after forty years.

Having served as both Elie Tahari’s President and CMO, Rory has seen and done it all. From the domination of online and mobile shopping to the emergence fast fashion, Rory saw around these corners of change to grow Elie Tahari into a global brand from $50M in yearly sales to $500M in just twelve years.

TODAY RORY IS A co-FOUNDER of STATE OF MIND PARTNERS, A STRATEGIC MARKETING and branDING FIRM THAT WORKS WITH COMPANIES THAT ARE FACING CATEGORY DISRUPTION. SHE is also an investor with a focus on concepts like robotic sewing and 3D printing, whose applications look to not only change the LANDSCAPE in marketing, branding, design and production, but directly reduce the waste endemic in the fashion industry.

Rory frequently speaks on issues related to change in the industry, from the need to reimagine how the fashion industry responsibly makes and sells its products, TO WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP.

She has been featured in numerous publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and has appeared on various television programs on CNN, Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer, and Martha Stewart.

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